Visiting Siheung City

Siheung City

Siheung is one of the city in Gyeonggi Province at South Korea.
Siheung located in meddle of Anyang, Ansan and Incheon city. it is only 25 minutes distance from Ansan and Anyang city.
Present population of the city is 393356, city siheung stared it journey as a city in 1989 1st January. Present Gunpo and Uiwahg city was a part of sihung city before 1989. Sihung is famous for the mountain Sorae, Oi Island and Wolgot port,there is a big industrial complexes in sihung city, so it become crowd day by day with the time, Korea polytechnic university, Kyonggi Institute of Technology is located in the city. It is becoming the second biggest industrial area with the time.

City-location-mapSiheung city map and location of ABC Happy learning center