The “three”

A public performance project in Shatana International Workshop-2008

It was extremely an unexpected event which I absorbed in my life from 3rd July to 9th July of this year, I started my journey to join in an international workshop at the village Shatana in Jordan. It was my 33rd birth day, On the way I crossed 3 airport with a lot of straggle with visa and other immigration matter within three days. Finally I got the chance to enter in Jordan, I arrived in Jordan at 3 am, we was 3 person in the car when we traveling to the shatane village
from the airport, their was three organizer waiting for me to say welcome in shatana workshop venue at early morning, I got an apartment to live in the village with 2 other artists, so we was 3 in an apartment, I found that I was carrying 3 bags with me from my home to shatana, the Program was supported by triangle international artist network London, U.K.… Their was many 3 surround me which is not explainable to the public at all. I had no way without thinking about the number 3 !!!
the performance was a kind of sharing the experience of 3 with public.