It is not for you but why do you run away for it????

During the Britto International artists workshop 2005
At Noon Gula, Bogra, Bangladesh.
Materials: Labor helmet,wool, Steel wire, Carrot,Cloth, etc.
Dimension: Environmental
Duration of performance: 10 min.

Life in third world is covered by an enormous problem. here we have no destination for life and everything. In our mind we always make a lot of paradoxical terms. We have a lot of dreams but we are not able to materialize it in time but we always try hardly even we know that it is not possible for us. Sometime we succeed and several times we lose everything. As a passenger of a paradoxical journey, I have some self analysis in this work. We have a folk joke, “When you hang a carrot in front of the nose , Donkey must start to run”. I transformed it by my criticisms, because I need to mean something personal matter by the performance which represent the present mental condition of the youth in heir.