to make a comfortable moment for all

“to make a comfortable moment for all” Public performance project in Sagang market public art project residency-2008, event was organized by LITMUS Community Space, Ansan-si, South korea.

The residency project was located in an old and traditional fish market called SAGANG MARKET. We was 4 international artist and more then 10 local artist was angered with the project,the market was supposed to aggregated by the city gov, the project destination was revitalizing the regeneration idea for the future good. The period of residency was 30 days and it was very hot season in Korean summer.
There was no place to get rest in side the market place, very hot day and market crowd make people very weak, My project aim to create a comfort zone for the public with the hope for good in side market. I offered audience to write one wish on a tag paper and give them a garbage bag to collect their breath count inside the bag, I collected more then 200 bags with peoples wishes and turned them as a bad and sofa, offer public to have some relax time with me.It was a fun and at the same time a notice for the development issue.