The discourse of sweat and effort in Siheung-si

The final installation in Open Studio Exhibition

Siheoung-si is a first growing industrial area in South Korea, a big amount of industry already occupied the basic land of Siheung city, but still it is a home of nature, home of beauty, there is sea port, mountain, rice field and many other farming area as well as. Continue reading “The discourse of sweat and effort in Siheung-si”

Black Market Art Festival-2014

Black Market Art Festival-2014 organized my Stone & Water and they invite me to join with the festival, I participated with the festival with Bangladeshi traditional food “sobji khicuri” and fried menu “Bagun Vaja”, the food invites the audience to experience the cultural test of Bangladesh. I shared my culture and talk with audience with spontaneous cooking action.
I sold as my target during the festival period, there was many of my friends from different country join in the festival and test Bangladeshi dishes. Continue reading “Black Market Art Festival-2014”