Arrive at A3 Residency-2015

Siheung city ABC Happy learning center Asian Artists Residency space is located in Siheung City near by Anyang and Ansan city. It is a first growing industrial city in South Korea, I arrive in morning at Incheon Airport and wait for the Indonesian artist till 10am. Eunki Kim was there for us and we take airport Limousin for Siheung City from airport. It was 1 hour journey from the airport. This is my 7th Journey to Korea for a residency. I would like to see all of my old Korean friends and the Bangladeshi friends living in Korea.
I am am very stressed because of a very long journey from Dhaka > Malaysia > Incheon Airport.It was almost 25 hours journey, the way was cloudy and stormy, so did not sleep well. need sleep and rest.


waiting for visa

Every time i prepare to visit Korea, the visa issue create an extreme tension before my journey, I got my visa /passport back from the embassy before one day of in the same day of my flight. this time it have nothing change, My flight had fixed on 22nd of this month, but today is Friday( weekend day in Bangladesh.) so need to wait till Monday.

Eunki Kim just asked me about the visa situation, they also waiting to get the information of arriving. but the system is very slow.

hope is only alternative in this kind of situation.