a collaborative project with Artist JP Kaljonene(Fineland), robii, people of Gucchogram and Bijoynagor Jubo Utsob Porishod(a social organization)

A social practice art activities during the Floating peers-2013 at porapara space for artists, the event was focusing the everyday life and existence of Gucchogram village inhabitant.”Gucchogram” a village name which is located near by at the end of the River karnafhuli. The people made the village on an illegal land, most of them are victim of flood, cyclone or some kind of natural disaster or removed from other area because of development project(Saha amanat International Airport and BAF Ghati Johurul Haque). The land-less people occupied land of the river bank which is belong with Chittagong Port authority.

During the floating peers-2013 Finland artist JP Kaljonene and me visited the village many times, as a local resident, I know the villagers and the total information about the village. I shared my openion to Artist JP and we organized some formal meeting with local public to know the present situation about their existence and basic problems. We define a lot of fact between them and the nearest village “Bijoynogor”, then we start to meet public from bijoynagar and try to make some talk to find the real fact to find good solution.
The facts between 2 village:

Bijoynagar Gucchogram
*People have there own land and some of them rent house from the legal land owner

*People are living in Lower middle-class condition

*There is all basic need(road, dranage, water supply, electricity, gass etc.) School, Madrasa, Mosque and many other social organization.

* The people have mindset about the Gucchogram that they are not permanent residence so they keep conscious distance from them, some of them try to support them for make thee life comfortable, but in some issue, they can not help enough.

*Chittagong City Corporation is the main gov. authority to take care for the basic facilities, there is many NGO project running for sustainable development.

*the main occupation of the majority of the resident are job in garment industry and many other gov. or non-gov office, small local business, transport business, and house rant.

*People are occupied land illegally from Chittagong Port and they rent it some other

*People are living in Lower-class condition

*They have no sanitation or drainage system, there is no drinking water resource,no health care center or medicine shop, no school even no mosque.

*People are very poor, they always dependent to the Bijoynagar and some other nearest village to survive, and doing job or business there for earning money.

*No NGO (non-govment organization) can support them for developing basic living standard.

*Some of them earn there living expenses by bagging, most of them are daily labor(in firming, garments industry, fishing business) some of them are involve with various type of crime and political terrorism.


Artist JP Kaljonene and me tried to make a social collaboration between 2 village, we have been started conversation between the local leaders from both villages. It was a crazy idea, because their was a big different between 2 village living standard and social structure, many psychological barrier, but we tried our best to do it. Finally It happened by the promise of donation(a Cow ) for the picnic party, which will collaboratively organize by the villagers.
We notice that if they can collaborate with good understanding then Gucchogram people will get more strength to fight against the reality of existence.
Here is a video documentary edited by JP Kaljonene about the process of activities.