A collaborative performance and vedio work with Artist Rafiq Nasruddin ( Jordan)during the shatana international Artist workshop-2008
Duration of performance: 18min

The Bangali National poet Kji Nazrul Islam’s muster peace Bidruhi is an intimate passion of my activity in creative field, when ever I feel exhausted by the reality it just recreate my inner self and recharge me for the further activity. I like to scream it whenever I walk alone or walk through the natural space.
In Shatana it was a mountain top workshop venue, when I scream the poem as usual, some of the participant artist feel interested about the sound and rhythm of the poem, I I need to explain them the background of the voice and the meaning of it.

Rafiq was one of them, but after first seating he become serious about the poem, and he like to sit with me to translate it . But language was a problem, so we decide the performance and start to do many activity to make a meaningful communication with each other and the audience.