“I have found the soul walking upon my path. ..”

I was thinking about the relation between nature and life within an spiritual context, I was visited some remote and deep natural landscape with spiritual and religious mood, But I get different understanding by every visit, I start to explain the experiences by some spontaneous drawing to using papers, ink and nib pan. Continue reading ““I have found the soul walking upon my path. ..””

Let Me Know the History behaving the story

The cultural history of Asia is really as ancient as earth. India, China and Middle East. Asian ancient philosophers developed the cultural thoughts for Asia, influenced by the changing of the climate, the soil and the local nature gradually by the time,on the other hand the ancient Greek, Roman and gothic thinkers made the basic foundation for European cultural history. The ancient history of Europe and Oriental world was very different but what about the present world? The information and communication technologies and the idea of globalization have been used to unify the two different thinking processes about life and society. Now we have to search for a new way of thinking for everybody around the world. What will it be? We are
not sure, there are many answers????????? Continue reading “Let Me Know the History behaving the story”