a collaborative project with Artist JP Kaljonene(Fineland), robii, people of Gucchogram and Bijoynagor Jubo Utsob Porishod(a social organization)

A social practice art activities during the Floating peers-2013 at porapara space for artists, the event was focusing the everyday life and existence of Gucchogram village inhabitant.”Gucchogram” a village name which is located near by at the end of the River karnafhuli. The people made the village on an illegal land, most of them are victim of flood, cyclone or some kind of natural disaster or removed from other area because of development project(Saha amanat International Airport and BAF Ghati Johurul Haque). The land-less people occupied land of the river bank which is belong with Chittagong Port authority. Continue reading “Bijoygram”