The building was more then 150 years old and many historical event take place in this house, It was build as a residence of a local land lord during the British time in Indian sub-continent,and with the time and situation it transformed as the school for the community, now it is out of use. but the land belong it has been used for the biggest and oldest school in Rajbari area. Continue reading “conversation-1”

Hope of Beauty

Performance in the opening of Bunon art space in Rajbari. Bunon is created by artist Monsur-ul-Karim,as his final destination. He born and grown-up in Rajbari,but his study and career was attached with Chittagong city. He was working as professor of painting in Institute of fine arts from the early beginning of the institute. but his village was not in distance from his existence at all. Continue reading “Hope of Beauty”