A collaborative performance and vedio work with Artist Rafiq Nasruddin ( Jordan)during the shatana international Artist workshop-2008
Duration of performance: 18min

The Bangali National poet Kji Nazrul Islam’s muster peace Bidruhi is an intimate passion of my activity in creative field, when ever I feel exhausted by the reality it just recreate my inner self and recharge me for the further activity. I like to scream it whenever I walk alone or walk through the natural space. Continue reading ““Bidruhi””

story of an abundant village

The nature in village Shatana was very colorless, It was very dry and hot, I found a small bush which was dry and death. My intention was about nature Within the workshop period, because it is really so opposite for my home environment, I was trying to understanding the situation and life in Jordan instead of my point of view about life and reality, I did an installation in an abundant house in the abundant village shatana.